Sunday, March 25, 2012


This Absolutely Beautiful display happens to be yet another one of My Favorite orders! It is also a perfect presentation of my first Cake/ Cupcake Tower Display! This Order was done for an Old family friend of mine, April Bryne, for her highly anticipated wedding today in La Jolla, California. I completely melted over her wedding color choices of Dark Grey and Shades of Pink. I had a million ideas running through my head the minute those colors came to life in my mind. However her desire for my Creamy Peanut Butter Buttercream and Whipped Chocolate Cocoa Fillings for her Cupcakes involved incorporating Warm Brown tones into her color palate. She was nervous at first, but with my reassurance and confidence in these tones, The Cupcakes completely took my breath away! All of the Colors and personalities of each of my cupcake designs blended perfectly together and practically lit up in the room. Aside from My Handcrafted Edible Peony Flowers and her requested Diamond "Bling" Band around the bottom of her Cake, the Cupcakes completely made me smile. With so many colors, designs, and added detail work to this Order, I have to admit that I am soooo incredibly Proud of myself for making it work! Thank you so much again April for Choosing me for your Wedding! I was so honored. Congratulations!

Triple Chocolate Cake w/ Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Filling
Red Velvet w/ Classic Cream Cheese 
Triple Chocolate w/ Creamy Peanut Butter Buttercream
French Vanilla w/ Whipped Chocolate Cocoa

Hi Melissa! I cannot even express how much I LOVED the cake and cupcake display!!! Bryan and I shared an amazing moment cutting the cake so thank you so much for doing such an amazing job! I had so many guests tell me how much they enjoyed all the flavors and your gorgeous flower creations. Bryan and I both had a chance to sit down and share a little bit of each cupcake at the end of the night and they were all equally delicious and beautiful. Thank you for all the hard work!! 
- April Anderson (Byrne) (March 26th, 2012)

Friday, March 16, 2012


 This Cake was a complete last minute order that I took on during my Own Birthday. However, How could I not spend my own birthday making someone else's day absolutely amazing?! After a 12 Hour School Day, I came straight home and Whipped up this Absolutely Beautiful Design that I had imagined and created on my drive home :) I had originally planned to create a Pastel Green cake with Black and White Accented Swirls, But the second I thought of a Warm Toned Brown Fondant paired with a Mint Green, I fell in love! I am so excited to hear how Terri Liked her Cake, and Thank you so much again Kaylee for Choosing me for your Cake Order!

French Vanilla & Triple Chocolate Swirl Cake w/ Sweet Vanilla Buttercream


This Vibrant cake was ordered by a ton of Co-workers of mine for their Girlfriend, Elyse's 21st Birthday! This particular cake design is literally the result of 3 of my past cake orders, squished into one! And the Best Part is, that as Usual, Everything is Edible! Including my Fun Marshmallow Playing Cards and Dice at the bottom of the Cake :) With such a Crazy Design to Start, Luckily I found a unique way of incorporating Elyse's name into the bottom tier Demask design! It looked so incredibly beautiful for a last minute decision! Everyone loved it and I was more than excited to add yet another Exhilarating cake to my Portfolio!


This Super Fun Cake was done for my Father-In-Law, Bob Bowman for his 54th Birthday on March 12th.  Lets just say that He LOVES Cigars and His Favorite Kind happen to be the Factory Value Brand :) So in order to Spice up his birthday a little bit, I couldn't think of a Better way than to give him an Edible Sweet Cigar Instead! I created little Smoke Puffs with Black Wire, Tabacco with Kit Kat Bars and Hand painted the Factory Value logo for fun :) This is defiantly one of my Goofy Cakes but Bob absolutely Loved it :)

Triple Chocolate Cake with Chunky Butterfinger Buttercream Filling

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I LOVED Creating this Cake that completely Allowed me to Bring So Many Fun Colors to Life! Its Vibrance was Exhilarating and its Meaning was more than Hilarious! This cake was done for a Long Time Friend of Mine, Amanda Clingingsmith and her Fiance Zach for his Police Academy Graduation. I Must say that My 13 Hours of Dedication and Attention to detail on this Cake completely paid off! I Carefully Re-created Zach's Gun, Hand Cuffs and Official Flashlight out of Rice Crispy Treats & Marshmallow Fondant. I Also Hand painted, Hand crafted and completely Re-created his Very Complex Arcadia Police Department Patch! It was my Pride and Joy once it was finished! To top it off, the Typical "Homer Simpson" Donut Design reflected the Ridiculous Stereotypes of a Cop and made me laugh every time I looked at it. Amanda Thank you so much for planning such a fun cake design with me and trusting me with Zach's Cake! I look forward to creating Your Wedding Cake this June!

Everyone loved the cake!!! They loved how it looked and tasted!!! Zack said it's the best cake he's ever eaten!!! :) Thank you so much!
- Amanda Clingingsmith (March 10th, 2012)


These Fun Cupcakes were done for a Non-Profit Organization called, Hospice of the Valley, located in Murrieta, Ca. These Specific Cupcakes were created for their St. Patrick's Day Themed Bunco Night! For These cupcakes, I wanted to keep them simple by adding a little touch of St. Patrick's Inspiration. I hand crafted what I called, Little Leprican Bow Ties, Green Swirls, Four Leaf Clovers and some Fun Balls to go on Top! I Created my Homemade Buttercream Recipe from Scratch as well as added some Hershey Bar Chunks and Chocolate Syrup in the Middle of them! I Loved how Adorable they turned out to be and I cannot wait to hear how much they Enjoyed them :)


This Very Special Cake was done for one of My Best Friends of 12 years now, Nicole Miller and her Soon-To-Be sweet baby, Eden Grace. As soon as Nicole showed me Eden's Absolutely Adorable Pink and Brown Elephant Bedding, I knew Exactly what I was going to do! Simple, Sweet & Elephants! I Did a Ridiculous amount of "Stitch" Looking work throughout the entire cake giving it a Soft Baby Blanket feel. Nicole had also Personally requested my *Famous* Hand Crafted 3D Edible Sneakers for the Top of the Cake, while I paired them with a Sweet Mommy & Baby Elephant at the bottom of the Cake. Nicole and Her Family LOVED The Cake as well as LOVED the inside of the Cake! With a French Vanilla & Triple Chocolate Swirl Cake Flavor, Whipped Chocolate Cocoa Filling and Chocolate Chip Chunks, I don't think you can go wrong!


This Order was so much fun to do! I am Personally in LOVE with this Black and White Demask design and love doing it on anything. This order was done for a Co-Worker of mine Amanda Gilliland for her Brother's Beautiful Wedding. I Have to give a ton of Props to Amanda's mom Robin for creating such an Awesome and Stunning Display of Stands & Glass Demask Decor! I Was Completely Taken back upon Delivery and was so excited to be able to Cascade Their 100 Ordered Cupcakes and Cake All Over her Display! Thank you so much again Gilliland Family for Choosing Me! I was more than Ecstatic to create such a Beautiful Design for you! 

Melissa, It was perfect - thank you so much!
-Robin Gilliland (March 7th, 2012)