Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I call this display, FALLing in Love with Summer <3 The Bride wanted to capture the essence of Fall during her summer wedding. I did so by creating handcrafted branches out of chocolate fondant and engraved wood-like lines into the branches. I then dusted the branches in a light glitter to add some fun glitz and glam in honor of a Wedding. I complimented the branches with burnt orange maple leaves on the cupcakes and added a ton of edible pearls to enhance the elegant side of fall. The Bride absolutely loved the ending result and I was more than happy to create such a unique design for her!

Melissa!! Thank you so much for making our gorgeous wedding cake/cupcakes. Everyone was super happy with them they looked perfect. You're so talented and I was super bummed I didn't get to come out and give you the huge hug you deserve. You made that part of our wedding day perfect thank you again!!  
- Emily Trebon [July 22nd 2012]

Monday, July 23, 2012


My FAVORITE part of this cake is my handcrafted Baby Teddy Bear on top of the cake! He absolutely made the cake and was the perfect addition to this baby boy's baptism. I created him from rolled fondant, enriched him with tiny stitch work & created an angel like essence about him to match their requested quote "God Blessed us with an Angel" going around the cake plate. The simplicity of this cake design alone was so sweet and Jenna [Baby Travis Michael's Aunt] loved it!

The cake was soo good everyone loved it! 
Awesome cake by Melissa from Cake Obsessions!
- Jenna Buccieri [July 22nd, 2012]


These absolutely adorable flowered cupcakes are completely edible and were so much fun to make! They were created for a Pink Baby Shower Theme where the design was completely left up to me! Nothing says sweet little girl like soft pink flowers to me, so I chose to pair a bright pink and softer light pink to create a striped ruffled flower for a little bit of spunk. I then rimmed the flowers in edible glitter and thought that they would look perfect with a larger floppy pink flower with baby buttons and edible glitter as well! The duo of these two flowers were to die for in person and Ashley loved them! Congratulations again!

Chunky Raisin & Carrot Cupcakes w/ Classic Cream Cheese
The Other 18 Cupcakes were French Vanilla w/ Whipped Raspberry Filling!


This exhilarating and spunky cake was created for a returning cake customer of mine and high school acquaintance, Amanda Kessler for her Sister Dana's 18th Birthday! Dana's first request for this cake was to incorporate a combination of lavender and a Tiffany & Co. inspired turquoise for her color choices. I was MORE than ecstatic to experiment with these two colors! Her second and final request was "To make it look cool!" Haha and that is Exactly what I did! I added a ton of pizazz by creating 3 unique handcrafted flowers and rimming each of them in my 24 karat edible gold shimmer paint as well as metallic gold coated pearls. I also added dramatic stripes to give the cake an exciting personality and then softened it with a simple lavender design on the opposite exterior of the cake. Dana absolutely LOVED it, especially with the additional dark purple, crazy fun feather sticking up that I just HAD to add! Thank you so much again Amanda and Dana :)

For Dana <3


This abstract Gun inspired cake was created for my very own Husband, and a Big Suprise for his Birthday on July 6th, 2012! Like most men, his pride and joy lies within his growing gun collection! In honor of his latest addition, the intimidating AR-15, I chose to handcraft a Mini replica of it out of chocolate fondant and about 4 hours of detail work! I then paired the gun with some adorable little shooting ear muffs and a Red Shooting target [that he LOVED!] by dipping circle cookie cutters into red gel food coloring! It looked absolutely Adorable! I was practically jittery ALL DAY until I had the opportunity to surprise him with the cake! I love you so much baby and I am sooo happy that you loved your cake! Your favorite colors + favorite hobby= Success!

The Husband and I 
July 6th, 2012 <3


This summer time inspired cake, expresses a simple design, However it came along with a complex request! While this cake was ordered for both Guys and Girls, it was also for multiple graduations and birthdays! This is when design, colors and all other aspects of edible art is completely challenged! So keeping it simple was my best bet! I chose to create a ton of gender neutral summer items and had WAY TOO MUCH fun creating the adorable little sandals, the striped beach towel, the beach ball, AND a "This way to the Beach" wooden sign and a striped bikini on the back of the cake! The Graduation hat allowed me to tie in the Graduation aspect of the cake while still staying true to a Summer time feel. The Puma family absolutely LOVED the cake upon their pick up and once again, that is what makes what I do, so rewarding!

Thank u soooo much again! Both cakes u did were amazing:) u r the best!
- Kaylee Puma [July 11th, 2012]

Friday, July 6, 2012


This Crazy Fun Cake was based off of one of my Previous luggage cake designs with a whole new spin added to it! While my previous cake had also represented the departure of a girls college experience, this cake however actually highlights the graduate's personal College memories <3 Alexa-Rae, had expressed the numerous aspects that made up her college life and asked  me to incorporate those things into her cake. and Guess What....That is exactly what I did! From Studying Abroad, to The Key to Her Sorority Life, The Tea that got her through Late Nights, and the College that made it all possible, I would say that her College career was quite successful! And to Top it off, I put my own spin on a girls suit case full of fabrics, flowers and colors that brighten our days. Congratulations Again Alexa-Rae and I am sooo incredibly happy that you LOVED your Cake!

For Alexa-Rae <3


This cake is happily the 2nd cake that I have created for a friend of mine, Mayte Avila for yet another one of her family events! and My favorite part was that she gave me all freedom to do as I please for the design of this cake with her chosen colors and theme. I handcrafted the Baby Lions from fondant and created a Stitch work lining along side each of them to resemble a Baby blanket look. I also softened the cake by adding some adorable baby blue fondant buttons on the exterior that I fell absolutely in love with! Mayte loved the cake as well and most importantly, I had a ton of fun creating such a Sweet Delicate design for Baby Leo <3

French Vanilla Cake w/ Oreo Cookies & Cream Filling 

 Welcome Baby Leo!!! Our little lion!!! Cake courtesy of 
Melissa Bowman!!! Loved it!!!
- Mayte Avila [June 24th, 2012]