Friday, June 7, 2013


This cake was done for a VERY SPECIAL couple and very good friends of mine. I have known the bride, Sarah Ashley Callicott [now Mrs. Khalaf!] since we were in 5th grade and when she asked me to be by her side as one of her bridesmaids AND to create her wedding cake, I was ecstatic! When we met up to design her cake together, I LOVED that she literally let me run wild and design the cake however I wanted! Her wedding theme was an antique shabby chic feel with tons of bling, lace and dusty rose accents. Thanks to my mom who rolled hundreds of tiny fondant pearls that we strung into ivory necklaces draping down the cake. We topped them off with chunky rhinestones at the ends of each one and I fell IN LOVE! I rimmed each of my fondant roses with an edible silver shimmer dust mixed with vodka and dusted each of them entirely with an edible pearl shimmer dust. Sarah and Jason LOVED their cake and I wish I could of had a picture of each of their reactions when they saw it, seriously priceless. I love you both so much, Thank you so much for allowing me to create your wedding cake and I cannot wait for you two to begin your Marriage, finally!

 Picutures Taken @ Circle Oak Ranch
Falbrook, California
May 18th, 2013


This RIDICULOUSLY girly cake and cupcake duo was so much fun to make! I created this cake for a co-worker of my husband's for her daughter Emma's special seventh birthday! Their request for this particular cake design consisted of a ton of pink, edible glitter and the perfect amount of glitz and sparkle. I used black fondant to create a gorgeous and entirely edible crown on top of the cake, as well as several miniature edible crowns for the matching cupcakes. I added dramatic black fondant ruffles down the center of the cake and spiced it up with polka dots to give the cake a fun personality. I then mixed edible glitter with a small amount of vodka and painted the hot pink side of the cake to glam it up even more. I used my amazing Cricut Cake to cut out Emma's name out of black fondant to give it that stunning professional look. Finally for the cupcakes, I just let my imagination run wild and chose simple yet adorable designs that complimented the cake perfectly. They LOVED their order and I was soooo excited to give it to them :)