Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This particular cake was Specially created for my very own best friend of 19 years, Kelly Elizabeth and her new hubby, Travis Williams for their happily awaited Wedding Day on September 1st, 2012. I showed Kelly A TON of cake pictures and she literally just let me run free with all of my ideas for the design of this cake. We both fell IN LOVE with the idea of a circular tier covered in ombre ruffles that fade from a solid white to a deep cream color. To pull the deep cream colors into the rest of the cake design, I handcrafted a variety of different edible roses and flowers that looked absolutely gorgeous both in person and in pictures. The large black buttons going down the center of the second tier, were each pressed into a lace mold and dusted with an edible pearl shimmer dust. This gave them a gorgeous and elegant texture that my camera sadly could not capture! Kelly love love LOVED her Wedding cake and I could not even begin to express the amount of compliments that I received the entire reception about the design and especially the taste of each of the cake flavors! It was a HUGE success and I was sooo proud :) Congratulations again Travis and Kelly! I love you both so much.

 So Proud of My Creation!

Seriously words can not describe how in awe I was for 
that cake Melissa! You did THE best you've ever done, 
I am so thankful for you dude! Thank you so much!
 Best present!!!!!!!! You're amazing.
- Kelly Elizabeth Williams [ September 3rd, 2012]

 Melissa..I can't thank you enough for the most perfect 

beautiful delicious wedding cake that fit the theme of
 my daughter. You hold a place in my heart Melissa. 
Oh..I tasted every layer..YumYum Love
- Kim Murray [ September 6th, 2012]


This "Blinged" out Cake and Cupcake duo was ordered for a very special 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Party hosted in Carlsbad on August 25th, 2012. We chose to keep the cake design simple and paired both the cake and cupcakes with some elegant and silver rimmed flowers that looked stunning! They wanted everything to sparkle so I added a gorgeous rhinestone ribbon around the bottom of each cake tier as well as added some large rhinestones to the tops of some of the cupcakes! [for once something NOT edible on my work!] Everything turned out beautiful and I was so proud of the ending result. Thank you so much again Poolak and congratulations again on your amazing 10 Years of Marriage <3

Cake and Cupcakes were a huge success!! Thank you so much!!
- Poolak Forutanpour [August 27th, 2012]


This was my first request for a Red Hat Society cake. It was ordered for an amazing woman's 80th birthday, and I knew that I HAD to give the cake some spunk! The ladies in these societies are always glammed up and decked out in deep purples, vibrant reds, pearls and of course fun hats! I chose to top the cake with a giant red had made entirely of rice crispy treats and marshmallow fondant. With the spunk of a large purple feather and white flowers, I was able to create the exact look that I was going for. I created a purple demask against a red cake to highlight the colors of this society. I then added a shimmer dusted pearl necklace to capture the classy essence of these women. I fell in love with this cake and I am sure the Birthday Girl LOVED it, would not doubt it!


Red Hat Society Cake <3


This tropical inspired cake was absolutely WAY TOO MUCH fun to make! Everything is once again, entirely edible and completely handcrafted. I Hand cut the giant white Hawaiian flower myself for the bulk of the cake design and paired it with an adorable pink and yellow flower that I dusted with edible shimmer dusts and powders. The Beach chair was one of my favorite parts and took almost 3 days to put to together. I had to wait while each of the pieces had dried. One of the main requests for this cake was to create an edible Laura, the birthday girl on top of the cake! I loved how adorable she turned out. I could not be more proud of her little sandals, her orange dress and my hand painted lettering on her dress and on the back of the cake. It was an overall success and I am SURE Laura loved it :)

Everyone loved it!!! Thanks so much Melissa! She was blown away :) 
Couldn't have asked for a more perfect cake. 
- Jessica Godwin [ August 11th, 2012]