Monday, August 29, 2011


This Cake was Made Specially for My Mom and Dad For their 30 Year Wedding Anniversary! They Have done everything in their Power to go above and beyond for one another for as long as I have been in their lives. They have given everything imaginable to My 3 Brothers and I our Entire Lives and now it is their turn to focus on one another once again. I have only been married for about 2 Years Now, and I can only imagine How Hard They have Worked to Achieve such a Beautiful Long Lasting Marriage. They Love One another with all of their Hearts and I felt that hey deserved Nothing more than the Most Beautiful New Wedding Cake with My Best Work Yet Displayed as the Design. I Hand crafted Each and Every Flower on the Cake and Individually Stuck on Every Last Polka Dot, Only knowing that Every ounce of my Energy would be worth it for them. The Best part was seeing Their Faces when I brought them the Cake. My Mom Cried....and It Made My Entire Week :) I Love You Both and Here is to Another 30 Years To Come <3

Carrot Spice Cake & Classic Lemon Cake w/ Sweet Buttercream Filling


This Cake was made from the inspiration of Pastel Colors that in which the Birthday Girl LOVES. I wanted to find a way to Tie those Pastel Colors that are Relative to Baby Cakes and Such into a Classy Women. After Discovering my Erge to Use Black on this Cake, I was Ecstatic to Figure out exactly how. I Love How Bold the Flowers turned out. The Polka Dot Flower alone makes its own statement and compliments the Pastels by giving them a Whole New Meaning. So Cute.

Classic Lemon Cake w/ Sweet ButterCream Filling

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This Cake was Done for The Gordon Family and their Sweet Little Twin Boys, Collin & Liam. Sean & Crystal Gordon are Friends of Mine and My Husbands and the Minute they had asked me to do a Cake for their little boys I practically Jumped at the opportunity to do so. I absolutely LOVE creating cakes for those I have never met before, However there is nothing like making a special creation for those that I am close with  :) I created the Two Little Sharks in representation of the "Twins" (So Cute!) By Shaping Rice Crispy Treats, Covering them with Fondant and Leaving the Rest of the Detail work to my Imagination and Carving Tools. I give major props to my Husband who was in the House at the time who constantly gave me the inspiration for this Cake including the Shark Net and Shark Bitten Surfboard! Thank You Babe :) I Love that this Cake SCREAMS Fun and more than anything made the Gordon Family Especially Happy. Thank You Guys Again for Allowing me to be part of Collin & Liam's Special Day.
Carrot Cake (Top Tier) & Red Velvet (Bottom) w/ Sweet ButterCream Filling


I am proud to say that Every Last Piece of this Cake was Hand Crafted Myself with the Spirits Of New Experimentation and Ideas. I really wanted to give this cake a Realistic Feel of Liquid Ice Melting down the Bucket, giving My Cake Decorating Style a whole new flare. I researched the recipe for Sugar Glass by melting Corn Syrup & Sugar together, which was to eventually harden. However due the lack of temperature that the Corn Syrup and Sugar was meant to reach, It would only form a Candy Goo-Like Texture. As frustrated as I was at first, Luckily it had worked in my Favor. I absolutely LOVED  how my Coors Light Bottle Turned out, Especially after hand crafting every last detail of the bottle myself! Yet Another Work of Art to Smile About and Be Proud of  :)
French Vanilla Cake w/ Cream Cheese Filling

Thursday, August 18, 2011


This Cake was done upon special request for a Friend of Mine's Sister, Jen Tuccinardi. She is such a Beautiful Girl and received this cake in Honor of her following her dreams towards going away to College and Joining one of the Best Cheer Teams in the Nation. She is moving across the Country to Morhead University in Kentucky. The Tuccinardi Family asked me to do an Amazing Personal cake for Her Going Away party to represent her New School Colors as well as her New Cheer Uniform. When I thought Of a Girl Following her Heart and Spreading her Wings from Home, I felt that nothing expressed that idea more than Blossomed Flowers and Visions of Classic Simplicity. Congratulations Again Jen! Have The Time of Your Life and Hurry Home Every Chance You Get To The Ones that Love You More than Anything :)
Triple Chocolate & French Vanilla Swirl Cake w/ Sweet ButterCream Filling

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Story Behind This Cake Makes Me Smile. It was made for a Family that have been Regulars at both of the Restaurants that I have been employed at. Their Daughter Bella is one of the most Beautiful Little Girls and she always seems to make me smile when I see her. The Best part is that my relationship with this family has always been through small talk, such as the "How Are You's" and the "See You Next Times"and This Time, I was finally able to connect with them on the other side of my Apron and Serving Role. It was not even a week ago that I had the chance to Share my Passion and Newly Formulated Cake Business with them. Within Days later, Trish had called me to do a Surprise 50th Birthday Cake for her Husband Henry and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to do so. This Cake defiantly gave me the run around during the creation process but came together in the end, as my cakes always seem to do, Thankfully!
Fresh Carrot Cake w/ Sweet Buttercream Filling