Monday, January 30, 2012


This Extremely Unique Cake was drawn from My Amazement of Dr. Seuss's Artistic Abilities and His Unbelievable Imagination. My Goal was to Create a Cake that Looked as if Dr. Seuss had Drawn it Himself and Imagined it all over again. This Cake was Done for Vivian Brown from RKR Marketing and Advertising for her Daughter Amanda's Dr. Seuss Themed Baby Shower. This Theme alone was Exhilarating to think about. I Loved being able to Re-create a Smaller Baby Version of the "Cat in the Hat" hat. And For those who Remember the Story, It is the Classic Orange Fish in a Bowl constantly Reminding The Cat of the Trouble that awaits from Thing 1 and Thing 2! So of Course I had to Hand Craft him for this Specific Cake! To top it off, I Hand Painted a Dr. Seuss Quote that More than Anything Introduced the Importance of a Child in our World. Thank you Again Vivian For This Opportunity, I loved Creating this Cake for you!

I just wanted you to know how wonderful the cake and cupcakes you made for us were! There really are no words… It was beautiful and my daughter, Amanda was thrilled to see all the detail you had on the cake. Everybody had to take pictures!!  As if that wasn’t enough, we cut the cake… and it was beyond delicious! The S’more cupcakes are the absolute best I have ever tasted! I will be ordering more!
-Vivian Brown (February 6th, 2012)


These Adorable Dr. Seuss Inspired Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes, were created to compliment the Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat Cake" in my Previous Post! My Original plan for these Cupcakes, to my surprise did not work! It involved Large Pieces of Fluffy Blue Cotton Candy Placed on top of each Cupcake to Resemble the Funky Blue Hair of Dr. Seuss's Thing 1 and Thing 2 Characters. Over time the Moisture and/ or Air Surrounding the Cupcakes seemed to cause the Cotton Candy to completely disintegrate into a sticky mess! My Mom and I tried covering them and replacing each cupcake with fresh cotton candy, only leading to the same result. Thanks to My Mom's Last Minute idea, She whipped up some Turquoise Buttercream, We piped each of the Cupcakes with Off centered Whimsical Swirl, Topped them with Edible Red Pearls and I Simply hand painted some Basic Labels for each Treat. They turned out Even more Adorable than we had planned and the Cotton Candy disappointment was Gone! Lesson Learned with an Even Better Result :)
Featuring My Newest Filling
Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ a Chunky Smore Filling!
-Marshmallow Creme w/ Hershey Bar Chunks & Cinnamon Graham Crackers

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This Adorable 25 Year Anniversary Cake was done Completely at last minute and yet it Surpassed my Expectations! It was done for My Best Friend's, Boyfriend's Parents in honor of their 25 Years Of Love, Strength and Happiness. They had requested Silver Touches and Wedding Rings for their cake. I chose to stick to a Simple and Classic Cake Design that displays a Timeless feel that both Men and Women can Appreciate. I Fell in love with the Wedding Bands that I created and even more so that they symbolized the "Forever" Aspect of a Marriage. This 6" Cake may have been small but was filled with Meaning and Celebration. Marriage is one of the best things that has ever happened for My Husband and I, and I can only imagine the Amazing Bond that Two Individuals can share after 25 years of love Together. Congratulations Again Jim and Karen!

John & Karen's Anniversary Cake & Their Daughter April's 18th Birthday Cupcakes

I loooove mine! And my parents adored their cake!! Thank you again!:) 
 - April Williams (January 25th, 2012)


I am Proud to Say that This Is My 2nd Official Cupcake Order and I am more than Excited to show them off To Everyone! These cupcakes were done for April Williams, for her 18th Birthday! She had initially sent me a picture of an adorable set of black and white decorated cupcakes. Those cupcakes completely inspired me and gave me the opportunity to put my own spin on a classic idea. These cupcakes were made with my Delicious French Vanilla Cake and Filled with my Fresh Orange and Tangerine Citrus Filling with actual chunks of orange inside! April LOVED her cupcakes and I was more than happy to make her *18th* Birthday that much more special! 

Monday, January 23, 2012


This Stunning Cake was done for an Amazing Couple, Sean and Meghann for their Elegant and Beautiful Wedding this past weekend. I have known Meghann for Seven years now and I was More than Honored when she asked Me to Create her Wedding Cake! This Unique Wedding Cake Design was inspired by a specific Cake on that Meghann Fell in Love with. Luckily after 9 hours of Detail Work and dedication to my Hand crafted Ruffled Flower Pedals, I would say it had surpassed our Expectations! I finished the Pedals with a Soft Shimmer Dust as well as a Cluster of Small White Pearls in the Center of the Flower. These modest details may be Simple but they initiate a delicate and Stunning touch in the Final Product. Sean and Meghann Loved Their Cake and I enjoyed Watching them Fall in Love all over again on Their Wedding Day. Congratulations Again You Two and I hope your Marriage is as Beautiful as Love you Share. 

  Pictures Take @ Strawberry Farms Golf Club. Irvine, CA

Melissa, I just wanted to say that our cake was AMAZING and that I have had Tons of people ask who made it and tell me how beautiful it was! You basically Rock :) Thanks Again!!!......It was seriously the best cake ever! You are so darn talented!!
-Meghann (Ramer) Bonesteele (February 4th, 2012)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am Now Introducing My First Mini Cake Collection! These 4" Sized Cakes are the Adorable result of my Constant Running Imagination and Desire to Create More Designs In between My Regular Cake Orders. I designed each Mini Cake on a small piece of Computer paper with My Little box of Colored Pencils! I was more than inspired to Create Some New Designs and I Could Not Think of a more Interesting and Neat Concept than Bringing my Drawings to Life with These Cakes. Each cake also represented some of my Most Popular Cake Flavors and Fillings. Lets just say My Friends and Family were more than Happy to Indulge in My Mini Cakes and Take Full Advantage of Trying All the Flavors at Once! They were a complete success and I Cannot Wait to Create My Next Mini Cake Collection When I have the Time! -P.S. Major Props to My Mom :) Without Her Help, there would Not even be Pictures of These Cakes! Thank You so Much and I Love you More than You know Mom.
Triple Chocolate Cake w/ Reeses Peanut Butter Chunk Filling

 Chunky Carrot & Raisin Cake w/ Sweet Vanilla Buttercream Filling

Red Velvet Cake w/ Classic Whipped Cream Cheese Filling

French Vanilla Cake w/ Oreo Cookie Cream Filling

Zesty Lemon Cake w/ Fresh Squeeze Lemon Sugar Cream Filling
January 2012


This Crazy Fun Cake was done for My Manager Brandi Branch from The Lazy Dog Cafe for her Husband's 35th, Birthday! He is Clearly In Love with the Well Known Computer Game, World Of War Craft and was Surprised by Friends and Family with a Huge World of War Craft Themed Birthday! This Cake was the Perfect fit for John and I was More than Excited to Create such the Ultimate Cake for him! Of course the W.O.W. Guy on Top is Not Edible, but Brandi Found it Online, Ordered it, Showed it to Me and I was Absolutely Stoked to Make Him the Most Awesome and Dramatic Cake Topper! They Loved the Cake and My Hard Work of Hand crafted Lettering, Swirls and etc. Was All Completely Worth it in the End :) Thank You Again Brandi For allowing Me to Create John's 35th Birthday Cake!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


This Cake was done in Celebration of the Success of RKR Marketing and Advertising and I was more than Honored to Create such a Unique Cake For them. This Cake was Filled of French Vanilla and Triple Chocolate Swirl Cake along with My Super Delicious Reeses Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chunk Filling to top it off! Describing it alone makes me want to make even more for future cakes as well as for myself! A High School Friend of Mine, Miquella contacted me through facebook, expressing her Love for my cakes and designs. It was through this cake that she gave me the opportunity to create one specially for her and her Mother's company. What I loved about this cake was that, The Money symbolizes the determination and hard work that Her mother put into rebuilding her company. It is the product of her dedication as well as others, that brough RKR Marketing and Advertising to the Admirable state that it is today. Thank you Again Miquella for choosing me for this exciting celebrating. I am so happy that Everyone Loved the Cake!

Everyone absolutely LOVED IT!! Especially my mom! Everyone was blown away with the detail in the logo and on the cake and it tasted fabulous! Thank you soooo much for all your hard work and an amazing cake!!
-Miquella Zulfigar (January 5th, 2012)