Monday, May 30, 2011


This cake was made for a friend of mine, Kristen who came to me for a Huge 3 Tiered Ocean/Beach Themed Cake for her Boyfriend Robert. At first, I thought, o my gosh how am I going to pull this off?! Yet the more that my mind ran with ideas, details and the possibilities, I was ecstatic to go for it. This cake took a little over 12 HOURS to decorate and craft everything. Luckily I had my best friend Kelly Elizabeth sitting there next to me helping me rolling little fondant balls, crafting white chocolate sea shells and etc. I used inspiration from what felt like a dozen Google pictures of other beach cakes. After everything, It exceeded my expectations and completely tested my skills and creativity to the limit. I could not have been more proud of it. Thank You Kristen for allowing me to do such an awesome cake for Robert :)
I already have two girls that want you to make their birthday cakes after seeing this! Thanks again, everyone wanted to meet you! Next time! P.s. The cake was so delicious and moist, even Roberts chef was extremely impressed! Great job girl!    -Kristen Sanne (May 31st, 2011)  


This cake turned out so adorable and I could not be more proud of it. The Ault Family contacted me through My e-mail to do a Graduation cake for their Daughter and Sister Brooke. All 3 of their girls are so beautiful inside and out and I was more than excited to do this for them. On top of that she had been Graduating from my former high school, Chaparral which made me that much more inspired to create this cake. For this cake, I have to give all props to my Amazing Cricut Cake that my family purchased for me. You slide the fondant into it, choose a font/cartridge and it cuts out BEAUTIFUL, edible letters and shapes. I used it to cut out the "CHS" Letters, The Huge "Brooke" Lettering, and all of the butterflies placed on the cake. It turned out to be so simple, clean and classic and everyone loved it. Congratulation's Brooke! Always follow your dreams and use your heart to guide you.
Three Layer Red Velvet Cake with Sweet Buttercream Icing

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This cake was made from complete inspiration of a Topsy Turvy Cake class that my mom and I took this past week. We learned all about how to make Whimsical flowers, draping pearls, extravagant present bows and tips and tricks that will continue to inspire me for future cakes. We had so much fun putting our effort towards learning about cakes, cakes and more cakes! This cake defines the ultimate girl and gives me every reason to make a HOT PINK cake. It is all about Bows, Ruffles, Flowers and Pearls..Just for girls :)


I had WAY too much fun creating this cake. The little hand made fondant playing cards were my ultimate pride, especially the Ace card ;) This cake was for Anna Jurado, who contacted me through Facebook to do a 21st birthday cake for her boyfriend on May 14th, 2011. We had initially decided to do a 1 Tiered Cake for the design but when I thought of using a dice as a second tier, I HAD to do it for her! She loved how it turned out and I Loved that she texted me about how sad she was to cut into the cake! As long as she got pictures, then cut away! -Props to my mom for helping me hand-make every last little poker chip for the stacks :)

French Vanilla & Triple Chocolate Swirl Cake
w/ Sweet Buttercream Icing


I Loved this hockey cake. When Janna had initially asked me to create a "hockey themed" cake, I practically froze. I don't know anything about hockey! But you know what, you don't have to know anything about hockey to make a cake for it! Haha This was for her boyfriend, Cameron's 29th Birthday and the best part was hearing how much they loved it. My favorite was my little sculpted hockey sticks made from gum paste and my mini-cake hockey puck's! So fun, super vibrant and I loved the ending result.

French Vanilla Cake w/ Sweet Butter Cream Icing


These cakes were PACKED with love and warmth for Mothers Day 2011. They were made especially for my Own Mommy, Bonnie Lee and My loving Mother-in-law Cheryl. My mom is filled with so much creativity and beautifully expresses it through her countless scrapbooks and infamous hand-made cards. When I think of my mom, I think of reds, greens, scalloped edges, flowers and sheer beauty. I don't think a cake could look any more like her than this one right here! My Mother-in-law, lets just say LOVES Chanel :) The Perfume, the purses, everything. So when I thought about a cake for her, nothing more perfect could have come to mind. These 6" Mini Cakes were adorable however, What made both of them so especially flawless, was the look and watery eyes that came on both of my mother's faces when they saw what I had made for them. What they don't realize is how my 8 Hours of decorative work could NEVER compare to the hours that they have spent loving, supporting and standing behind me. I Love you both more than you could ever know :)

Classic Lemon Cake w/ Sweet Buttercream Icing

For My Mother-In-Law
For My Loving Mom


This cake was made for a friend of mine from high school, Jillian Padilla. She contacted me through Facebook to do a cake for her boyfriend, who was about to graduate from Cal Baptist University in May 2011. I had so much fun looking up Graduation cakes online to build my ideas for this cake. The graduation hat was my ultimate pride in this cake and yes, it was edible! It was also dusted with a gold shimmer dust, giving it some sparkle. The tassel took about 5 experiments and 45 minutes later to figure out! Haha it was only the final and perfect tassel that took less than a minute to create and a sprinkle of silver shimmer dust to top it off. It cracks me up how I  begin with everything BUT the easy design. Jill absolutely loved the cake and I could not have been more excited to send her off with the cake. Thank you Jill for letting me be apart of such a special day for your boyfriend!

French Vanilla Cake w/ Classic Buttercream Icing


This cake was for my best friend, Kelly Elizabeth Murray's 22nd Birthday on April 23rd 2011. This cake is the beautiful result of mine and my mom's countless hours of dedication. I love looking back at this cake and thinking about that time we spend growing together and creating our own little masterpiece with our bare hands. Most of the time we were just delirious and laughing for no reason while putting what felt like a MILLION little marshmallow balls all over the cake. Yet aside from the hours put into this cake, the look on Kelly's face, the girl who has shaped my life in more ways than imaginable, was worth every last minute. It was whimsical, fun, all edible, PINK and just right for her :)

Banana Cream & French Vanilla Swirl Cake


This cake was created for the Visiting Nurse Association of Inland Counties Open House event located in Hemet, Ca. This cake has a unique story behind it. My husband and I were visiting my father-in-law in the hospital after a dirt biking injury. I had been drawing away in my little notebook with all different kinds of cakes and designs that I had spilling out of my head. Casey Rapp, representing the Visiting Nursing Association walked in to check on my father-in-law and could not help but notice my drawings. She really made me realize how unique my talent was and really influenced me to create a business out of my work. A business had never really occurred to me before then. Doing cakes for close friends was all I had known. She immediately got my information, called me the next day and before I knew it I had brought yet another creation to life. This post is a dedication to her for trusting me and giving me the chance to spread talent by giving to others. The look on a complete strangers face, in shock at a cake that ME, Melissa Bowman made, was priceless! Thank You Casey, doing this cake for you meant more than you know!

Triple Chocolate Cake w/ Sweet Buttercream Icing


This was my 22nd Birthday cake, created in March 2011. I absolutely LOVE the color pink and was inspired to make it "really pop" (as my mom always says referring to her scrapbook pages) and stand out on the cake. Much as improved in the experience department  in comparison to my last year's 21st birthday cake. I also like to use this cake to look back on as motivation to constantly keep going and to never give up on my creations. I know that I can take my dream and run, and that is exactly what I have been doing :)


This was a 21st birthday cake for another close friend of mine, Janine Tuccinardi in September 2010. She was heading off to Vegas and I absolutely HAD to make her something special for her birthday. Janine is so much fun to be around and all I thought of when designing her cake was bright exhilarating colors, just like her personality. In the beginning, Present cakes were all I really knew how to do, so she got a present cake!


This cake was for my best friend of 18 years, Kelly Elizabeth Murray. She absolutely loves anything that has to do with Tiffany & Co. and I could not think of a better cake to suit her. I made this cake in April 2010 and It was also one of my first fondant cakes. During the creation process, I had the opportunity to teach my mom all about fondant, how it works and defiantly what not to do! Of course neither of us knew much about fondant cakes at this point but she still stood by me and assisted me in decorating the cake! From the beginning my mom and kelly have been very supportive of me and revealing this cake to my best friend made my efforts that much more worth all of the time we had put into it.

Kelly Elizabeth Murray


As much as I despise my lack of experience with this cake, It still makes me smile looking back on it. It helps me to realize that it was only the beginning to the creation of a huge dream of mine. This cake was for my 21st birthday on March 16th 2010. I remember practically telling everyone around me that I made it myself and how incredibly proud I was of it. It wasn't just a cake to me filled with delicious Strawberry flavored cake & Vanilla Cream frosting. It was a symbol of my inspiration that sparked my imagination above and beyond, leading me to the edible world of creativity.