Monday, May 7, 2012


Introducing My Latest Wedding Cake Creation! This cake was custom designed and handcrafted for David and Ximena for their Special Day on April 27th, 2012. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ximena during our Consultation and Specially design each and every tier of the cake. The bottom tier displays a black fondant demask design that my mom worked for hours on and matched her entire wedding. The second tier displays a large diamond pillow top design with hand rolled black pearls at the end point of each  diamond. The third tier took forever! It consists of my own interpretation of handcrafted netted lace that took plenty of hours to create and came out ridiculously beautiful in the end! The fourth tier design is so simple but I fell in love with it. We chose to do a solid black ribbon around the center that was complimented with an "N" monogram for the Brides new last name. To top it off, I added an Elegant white label and carefully placed it behind the monogram to make it stand out even more. With the additional Red Carnations, Red Ribbon and My beautiful new silver Wedding Cake Stand, The cake looked stunning! Thank you so much again Ximena for choosing me to create your Wedding Cake! I was more than happy to make your special day THAT much more amazing :)

Pictures Taken @ The Trilogy Golf Club
in Corona, California

It's Amazing!!!!!!! 
-Ximena Raquel (April 28th, 2012)


These delicious Chunky Carrot and Raisin Cupcakes topped with my homemade Classic Cream Cheese Frosting, were made specially made for a high school friend of mine and 3 time returning cake customer, Erin! They were for her sweet baby girl's baby shower on April 22nd, 2012. She explained to me that she wanted the cupcakes to be Pink, White and super Girly! So I chose to create 3 different kinds of handcrafted marshmallow fondant flowers, topped with edible pink and clear glitter as well as dusted with an edible pearl shimmer dust. They literally sparkled across the room and looked so incredibly adorable! The pictures hardly do them justice, but Erin LOVED Them! So Happy!

Thanks again for doing my baby shower cupcakes!!! Everyone loved them and 
they tasted amazing!!! 
- Erin Mayer (Weaver) (April 23rd, 2012)

Sunday, May 6, 2012


This cake was created for My Best Friend of 19 years, Kelly Elizabeth Murray, on her 23rd (Golden) Birthday. Turned 23 on April 23rd ;) She wanted something classic that had a fun twist incorporating Hot Pink and Gold Bows. And that is exactly what I did! I Hand Created all 3 Bows and covered each one with an Edible 14 Karat Gold Dust as well as a Ton Edible Gold Glitter to make them really sparkle. The black and white stripes created a classic simplicity for the cake that ended up Highlighting the Bows and Hot Pink elements. This was also the first time that I attempted Royal Icing Toppers! I Hand piped "Kelly" in Cursive onto Wax Paper as well as a "23" for the top of the cake. Allowing more than 24 hours for the Letters and Numbers to dry, they became extremely stiff and extremely perfect to prop up on to the cake. I packed each of them with an Edible Hot Pink Glitter to compliment my sparkly bows. Unfortunately, as a first attempt I made the "23" too thin and they ended up breaking in half! So I quickly painted some Popsicle sticks with the 14 Karat Gold Dust and used them as supports for my 23! Easy as that! Kelly LOVED the cake and more than anything we all loved getting to eat the cake!

French Vanilla Cake w/ Sweet Vanilla Buttercream & Fresh Strawberries


This cake was so much fun to do! With the assistance of my mom, we handcrafted each and every single piece of this cake and was exceptionally proud of the ending result. As a baby shower cake, we chose to create "baby" inspired elements such as the Baby Octopus, the Baby Turtle, (Handcrafted by My Mother!) Cartoon like Seaweed and a Fun Colored Coral. The Mermaid symbolized a mother and was complimented by her sweet little baby laying in a creamy White Chocolate Sea shell. Of Course everything is edible and made from Powdered Sugar and Baby Marshmallows mMmm! Crystal absolutely LOVED the cake upon her Pick up and was more than excited to take it to the baby shower that day! 

I wanted to tell you thank you so much for the cake. It was beautiful and everyone loved it!!! It was heart wrenching cutting into it!! Thank you again, your cake made that party!
-Crystal Alvarez (April 22nd, 2012)


I Fell in LOVE with these Cupcakes! With such a fun Theme, I wanted to incorporate the main elements of Pinocchio and have the ability to tell a story through them. From Pinocchio's Little Hat, to his donkey ears and the big whale in the end, somehow they all fit perfect together! I handcrafted each and every element and added tons of edible shimmer dust, small stitch work and many additional tiny details that completely MADE the cupcakes! Thank you so much again Gina for choosing me to do your son's Birthday Cupcakes!

French Vanilla & Classic Lemon Cupcakes
w/ Sweet Buttercream & Fresh Squeeze Lemon Sugar Frosting

 Thank you so much for your delicious and creative cupcakes. 
They were the absolute highlight of the party. 
You are so talented. Thank you, thank you!
Gina O'Bryant (April 23rd, 2012)