Thursday, June 30, 2011


This Cake was made for an Old High School Friend of Mine, Aubree Crowley whose personality alone was enough inspiration to make such a Unique and Vibrant Cake. I was exceptionally proud of how the Cheetah Bow and the Martini Glass turned out! I hand crafted Each and EVERY SINGLE little piece of the Cheetah printed pattern and lined the entire thing in Sparkly Edible Glitter. And Of course you cannot celebrate a 21st Birthday without a little bit of Spiked Juice! I also hand crafted the Martini Glass, Filled it with Hot Pink Royal Icing, Sprinkled it With Edible Glitter and Topped it with an adorable little Olive whom I give props to my Mother for making it so perfect and providing a Ton of Moral Support though out the Decoration Process! Love You Mom and Happy Birthday 21st Birthday Aubree!

Triple Chocolate Cake w/ Chocolate Cocoa Butter cream Filling


This Cake is the perfect example of one of My Smaller 1 Tiered Cake options. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Demask Pattern and will introduce any excuse to be able create it on a cake! This Particular pattern, paired with My Scroll work reveals a timeless attribute that I feel is PERFECT for Weddings and Anniversaries. Thank You Erin for allowing me to practice such a beautiful Pattern for your cake! 

Banana Cream & Triple Chocolate Cake w/ My Creamy Peanut Butter Butter cream Filling!


I am proud to say that this Cake was My Very 1st Wedding Cake Ever! She requested for the cake to have a simple, classic and beautiful look for the design. Other than that, I had free reign to explore any design I would like, which I was more than excited to do! However, aside from the freedom to create any masterpiece of endless possibilities, I could not steer away from the idea of simplicity for this cake. After the quilted pattern, hand sculpted flowers, the edible pearls and the scrolls of my Hand Piped Buttercream covering the cake, I think I nailed it :)

French Vanilla, Triple Chocolate & Red Velvet Cake w/ Sweet Butter cream Filling


This Cake was done for my Next Door Neighbor Jonathon as a surprise for his Girlfriend's 20th Birthday! He stated that she absolutely loved Stars, Hot Pink and Green and I immediately thought of adding a Zebra Printed Pattern to his Color Scheme to make it just THAT much more fun and exciting! I hand carved each and every last zebra stripe and coated my hand carved Bow and Princess Crown with tons of Edible Glitter! Luckily, I was able to Finish this cake a Day ahead of time, So I was able to Stare at it's "cuteness" for an extra day before giving it up! Loved The Ending Result :)
French Vanilla & Red Velvet Cake w/ a Cream Cheese Butter cream Filling

Saturday, June 25, 2011


My Mom and I were so incredibly happy with the ending result of this cake. This cake was made for The Bowen Family, whom are regular guests at my workplace, The Lazy Dog Cafe restaurant and were sweet enough to ask me to do their daughter Teagan's 2nd Birthday Princess Cake! I gave the cake a Sweet Pink look and added tons of my Hand Crafted roses, all edged with Sparkly edible glitter and touches of baby green leaves to add contrast to the cake. The Crown and the Lettering came out *Perfect*. I loved the girlyness of this cake and I know for a fact that it was just as Sweet as Sweet Little Teagan :)
French Vanilla Cake w/ Sweet Buttercream Icing
Hi Melissa, Everyone LOVED the cake!  My mother-in-law first thought it was just a decoration.  :)  The crown held up great and the cake was just perfect.  Thank you again for doing it for us!
-Alisa Bowen (June 23rd, 2011)


This Cake was literally a last minute order that I took on.  At first I felt overwhelmed but luckily I whipped it up faster than imaginable! I had no idea what to do when it came to a basketball themed cake, so when a Jersey came to my mind, I took the Idea and RAN with it! I added some Gold Glitter, Purple Accents and of Course a Giant Basketball and I was set :) The Perfect Fathers Day Cake for a Lakers Fan for sure!
French Vanilla & Triple Chocolate Cake w/ Sweet Buttercream Filling


This Cake was made for a friend of mine, Carlos Flomatic, whom I work with at The Lazy Dog Cafe. He is such a Sweet and Fun person and He absolutely loves Anything and Everything that has to do with Zumba Fitness. He teaches Zumba classes at several different locations. I even got the chance to go to one of them! I was sore for a week! He asked me to create his birthday cake that was truly inspired by his love for Zumba and I was more than happy to. Head phones, Speakers and Bright Colors all in order to, "Feel The Music" :)
Triple Chocolate & Red Velvet Cake w/ Sweet Butter Cream Filling

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This cake was much fun to make and I could not have been more Honored to create it for The Lazy Dog Cafe in Temecula. Over my past year of being part of The Lazy Dog Cafe staff, I have found that no matter who you are, you are treated like family here. You are valued regardless of your position in this world. My Managers and Chef's generously invited my Husband and I to The Lazy Dog Cafe 1st Year Anniversary Dinner on June 6th , 2011. The Food was absolutely amazing and I was congratulated in more ways than one for creating a cake that complimented the Theme and Purpose of the Lazy Dog Cafe. After over 15 Hours of Detail work of hand carved letters, hand carved wood work going around the cake, and the additional polka dots, stripes, edible bolts and my favorite vodka paint brushed all over the cake with the Dedicated hands and help of my amazing Mom, I was more than proud to present this cake.
Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate, & French Vanilla Swirl Cake w/ Sweet Butter Cream Filling