Monday, February 27, 2012


This Cake Happens to Be so Incredibly Special to Me that it Almost Leaves Me Speechless for ONCE in My Life. This Cake was Created for My Own Mom's 54th Birthday on February 25th, 2012. This is the One Person that has Stood by My Side My Entire Life and Has already Dedicated More Hours than I could have ever Imagined towards Helping me with My Cake Orders and Growing Business. I Love Her More than I Could Ever Express. And I Look Up to Her More than She Will Ever Know. She Builds Me Up when I am Down and Gives me Every Reason to Keep going. I Love How She Constantly Reminds me How Special I am. However, I Tend to Forget to Always Remind Her How Special and Amazing She is To Me. It Was Through this Cake, that Practically Exploded With Her Favorite Colors and Love for Birds that I could Express that to Her. With My Crazy Busy Schedule, The Fact that I Spent Her Entire Birthday with Her, was the Key to Her Happiness that Day. and With A Beautiful Cake To Top it off, I Know How Happy I Made Her :) I Love you So Much Mom! You are Everything To Me. Happy 54th Birthday, and Many More to Come.

Bonnie Lee
Red Velvet Cake w/ Vanilla ButterCream & Chunky Walnut & Chocolate Chip Filling


I am Proud to Say that This is the 3rd Cake Order That I have Happily Received From the Cosio Family! As a Surprise Present, Trish Cosio asked me to Create an Adorable Zebra Cake with Green Accents as well as a Hand Crafted Fondant Garlic Clove for Julie's Cake! She explained that They have been hosting a "Garlic Fest" Event for the Past 15 Years and an Additional Fondant Garlic Clove Detail Added would Completely MAKE The Cake! They absolutely LOVED it and I was More than Happy with How My Design and My Creations Turned out. Thank You again Cosio Family to your Constant Business and Dedication to Me!

 French Vanilla Cake w/ Whipped Chocolate Cocoa Filling & Chocolate Chips

Julie with Her Cake!

Melissa, I can't even express how perfect the cake looked and how amazing it tasting as well!!  Julie was totally surprised and couldn't believe the design!!  The garlic topped it off completely!! ...The flavor of the cake was sooooo good, too!!  I know I always rave about the design, but the chocolate chips in the filling were delicious!! You are truly blessed with the gift of cake decorating and are an absolute artist, and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives! :)  Thank you again!!
- Trish Cosio (February 27th, 2012)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This Stunning Pearl Embedded & Inspired Cake is the Result of Yet Another Elegant Design that I have been dying to Create! My Mom and I Created this Cake for My Very Own Mother-In-Law, Cheryl Bowman for Her 59th Birthday. This Cake was Made with Over 100 Hand Rolled Multi-Sized Marshmallow Balls, individually Dusted with an Edible Pearl Shimmer Dust. The Shimmer Dust Enhanced the Cake giving it a Stunning Sparkle and a Bedazzled Abeyance. The Flowers were Hand Crafted My Self in a Matter Of Minutes and Delicately placed on the Cake. Cheryl Adored Her Cake and Fell In Love with My Design! I was more than Happy to Create This Cake For her as well as Enjoy The Inside of it with the Whole Family! I Love You Cheryl, Happy Birthday!

French Vanilla Cake w/ Mint Chocolate Chip Chunk Filling


With the Attempt to Create a New Design, I Absolutely Loved Creating This Cake! Kaylan Gollogly contacted Me through Email to Create a Unique Birthday Cake for Both Her Parents, John & Amber. She Expressed to Me how much they Love to Travel as well as her Mother's Love for the Color Red. To top it off she wanted an Elegant Design to Match the Theme of Their Birthday. As soon as the Idea of a Classy Leather Suit Case came to Mind with an Adorable Red Tag On Top, I ran with it! Kaylan LOVED the Cake and I Cannot Wait to here about how much Her Parents loved it as well :)

Triple Chocolate Cake w/ Fresh Citrus Orange & Cream Filling


 This Adorable Cake was done for One of My Close Friends Sarah Callicott for Her 23rd Birthday On Valentines Day. With the Lack Of Day Light, I had to Make Due with Indoor Pictures and Rely On my Camera Flash for these Pictures! Either Way the Cake Turned Out Great :) I Have known Sarah For about 12 Years Now and Finally had to opportunity to Create Something Unique and Personal For Her. As Loud, Crazy and Fun as Sarah's Personality is, I felt that this was the Perfect Look to Represent a Women Who Has Followed Her Dreams, Already Owns Her Own Salon and Running a Very Successful Business at 23 Years Old. I am So Proud of You Sarah and I am so Happy that You Loved your Cake! Happy 23rd Birthday!

French Vanilla Cake w/ Sweet Vanilla Buttercream & Fresh Strawberries Filling

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I am Proud to Say that This Cake was Done in as Quick as 6 Hours and Reflects Most of My 12 Hour Long Dedication to Detail Work. This cake was Done for a Co-Worker of Mine Stephen Pratt for his Parent's 25 Year Anniversary Celebration! Stephen told me all about How In Love his Parents Truly are. He also expressed their Own Excitement for this Cake due their Own Wedding Cake 25 Years ago being Dropped! I was more than honored to Re-Create a New and Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Cake for them, in Hopes to make up for the Loss of their Initial One :) Thank You Again Stephen for allowing me to Make their Anniversary so Special!

Your cake was absolutely amazing! Everyone loved it and my parents may have shed a tear it was that special. I cannot thank you enough! Beautiful job!!!!!!!
 -Stephen Pratt (February 12, 2012)

Friday, February 17, 2012


This cake was done out of Complete Inspiration from some of my Previous Beer/ Alcohol Bucket Cakes. It was done for an Old Middle School and High School Friend of Mine, Ashley Valenzuela for her Brother Alonzo's 21st Birthday! To Create my own version of a Hennessy Bottle, I hand sculpted its shape out Rice Crispy Treats, Covered it in Fondant and Went to town on Gold And Black Detail Work! I Created My Own Batch of Candy Glass and broke it into Smaller Pieces to give it that Refreshing Crushed Ice Look. Ashley and Her Mom absolutely loved the cake when they came to pick it up, which made me even more excited for Alonzo to See it! Happy 21st Birthday Alonzo! I Hope that it was Just the Right Cake to Fit Such a Special Occasion :) 

My Brother really loved his cake, He said it was the best cake he's ever had! Thank u so much!
-Ashley Valenzuela (February 15th, 2012)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This Cake was Done for My very Own Sister-in-Law Jennie Varvello for her 34th Birthday! I wanted to give her the Perfect Birthday Present this year and decided to Create that Out of a Cake! The inspiration behind this cake design was based off of a Tattoo that Jennie has had for years on her Ankle. It is an Adorable little Crown that Says Cajun Queen below it. This represents her's and my husband's Cajun French roots from Louisiana. So Rather than your typical Polka Dot or Stripped Wrapping paper design for a Present, I chose to Use Custom Fondant Crowns all over the Cake, cut by My Amazing Cricut Cake Machine. I also loved that This Cake represented the idea of being Queen for a Day on your birthday, which Jennie absolutely LOVED. It is literally the perfect design for Any Girl on her Birthday :)

Triple Chocolate Cake w/ Reeses Peanut Butter Cup & Hershey Bar Chunk Filling

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This Absolutely Adorable Cake was done for An Old Family Friend of Mine, April Byrne for her Happily Awaited Bridal Shower this past weekend. The Light Pink and Grey Accented Colors alone Inspired me to create a Unique and yet Simplistic Design. Each Part of My design was Hand Crafted and Laid Piece by Piece onto the Cake. I hand rolled out black fondant into Small Strips and created a Dramatic Piped Look going around the outside of the cake. As if that was not Beautiful enough, I bedazzled the Piping with Edible Pink Pearls as well as Additional Black Pearls that Completely Enhanced the Cake! I Was so Proud and Amazed at How Fun this Cake Turned out to Be. Thanks to April's Lifelong Bridesmaid, Jill Gulsey for Ordering her The Perfect Bridal Shower Present and My Mom for Once again Dedicating her Time to assist in My Cake Orders, This Cake was a Hit! So Proud!

Triple Chocolate & Red Velvet Swirl Cake w/ Classic Cream Cheese Filling

It was amazing Melissa! Thank you again for doing such an amazing job on the cake this weekend!! It was so absolutely PERFECT!! Beautiful and delicious thank you so much!!
-April Byrne (February 6th, 2012)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I Had so much fun with this Cake Exploring the limits of Circles and Hand Creating a Unique Pattern that Emphasized a Bold Statement. This Cake was Ordered by Liana White for her Mother Brenda's 50th Birthday. The Colors and Design ideas that she sent me for this Cake All seemed to have a Peacock Inspired Look about them. I was immediately drawn the variations of Purple and Green. To Enhance these colors I dusted each circle in an Edible Shimmer Dust allowing it to Sparkle in different lights. I Fell in LOVE with My Hand Crafted Delicate White Roses and My Pedal By Pedal Built Purple Flower on Top! The Cake was Adorable Already, and Yet I Had a Last Minute Urge To Pair the Flowers with a Soft Feather Sticking out of the top of the Cake to Re-claim the idea of  Peacock. Liana LOVED The cake, and I cannot Wait to Hear how Brenda Liked it As Well! 

 French Vanilla & Triple Chocolate Swirl Cake
w/ Whipped Chocolate Cocoa Filling & Fresh Raspberries
Thank you so much for making such a beautiful cake for my mom's 50th birthday!! It was so artistic and everything about it was perfect and delicious! Everyone LOVED it, especially my mom [: Whenever anyone I know needs a cake or cupcake order I will recommend you every time!
-Liana White (February 5th, 2012)