Saturday, December 31, 2011


First of All I am So Incredibly Ecstatic to share This Cake with All of You! It is One of My Most Favorite Cakes thus far and was Specially made for My Brother's Girlfriend and Hopefully My Future Sister-In Law, Jessica. Her love for designer purses and classic accessories immediately inspired me. I have not officially had the chance to create a legitimate Purse Cake and I felt that this was the *Perfect* opportunity to do so! It was through this cake that I learned a lot about Carving and Shaping Cakes. As nervous as I was about the design, It helped to take my time with every detail, carefully Handcrafting each piece as a Work of Art and Imagination. I used a ton of stitch work through out the entire cake to give it a breathtaking realistic feel. My husband walked into the Kitchen after My 8 Hours of Detail Work, looked up at me and said, Wow, That's a Cake?! I had a HUGE Smile on my face and immediately Knew that Jessica was going to Love it. I enjoyed every last minute of topping the cake with Gold Accents, an Adorable Pink Fondant Bow and creating the Juicy Couture Logo. Jessica, I am so happy that you loved your cake, and Even more pleased that I could make your 21st Birthday That Much more special :) Love You

I Absolutely Love My Cake Melissa! You Do An Amazing Job! I Couldn't Be More Proud Of You!
-Jessica Wagoner (Jan. 7th, 2012)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


This Cake was done for a High School Friend of Mine, Mandie Fonteyn for her 2011 CSUSB College Graduation. When I asked her what Designs she had in mind for Her Cake, She began by describing all of her favorite things as well as her College Experience as a whole. Rather than grasping only One of those concepts, I took it upon myself to create something that Enhanced the Main aspects of Her Exciting and Crazy College Life. I Based the idea of a Beer Bucket filled of Candy Glass Ice that I made from Scratch and Hand Created Everything She loved about College and Stuffed into the Bucket. This Concept helped me to Connect the Cowgirl Boots, The Coors Light Can, Her Sorority Symbols, and The "Rustic Inn" Bar Sign into One Big Idea and Ended up Creating a Ridiculously Crazy, Fun and Exciting Cake. Mandie Absolutely Loved Her Cake and I was more than Happy to be the One she Chose to Create it :)

Melissa the Cake was Crazy Good!!!! Thank you for your wonderful creation.
-Jean Fonteyn (December 18th, 2011)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


This Cake happens to be the Second Cake that I have had the Chance to create for Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula, California. The Event Sales and Catering Manager, Kelly contacted me for a Stunning Cake that Represented a Timeless and Classic Birthday for a Friend of Hers. This Cake design was Inspired by My First Two Wedding Cake Designs and Highlighted My Newly found interest in 24 Karat Edible Gold Paint. One simple brush of gold along the "Happy Birthday" lettering and one of My handcrafted Edible Flowers, made the entire cake sparkle. Aside from the fact that it was a birthday cake, It was still a beautiful design that can inspire future Wedding Cakes to come. I Loved the Essence that this Cake Created in the Room and I was more than Happy to See how much Kelly Loved it. Thank You Again Kelly!


This Cake was done for a High School Friend of Mine, Erin Jackson for her Mom's 50th Birthday. Erin expressed how much She Loved my work and How she has been keeping up with my Cakes on Facebook. When she contacted me for her Mom's cake, I was more than ecstatic to create a Simple Classic Design that her Mom, Bay would Love! Erin told me all about how her Mother's Amazing talent of Creativity with Huge Present Tags as well as Scrap booking all sorts of Designs and Papers. As a fellow creativity obsess-or, I knew that I had to use her inspiration to incorporate a Demask Patterned Ribbon into the cake as well as a Huge Tag to top of the Present of Love from Her Daughter. Erin cried when she saw the cake and it only reminded me that it is Moments like those that make everything I work for, worth it.

-Erin Jackson (Nov. 29th, 2011)