Monday, September 26, 2011


This Fierce cake was made for one of my best friends, Janine Tuccinardi in celebration of her 22nd Birthday. While the excitement and thrill of being 21 has now Ended, I have always felt that the Age of 22 is the True Beginning of discovering the Woman that we have always had inside of us. It is the First step towards Embracing the Confidence, Spirit and Passion that lies within our hearts. Janine, informally known as "Janey-Poo" to Me, is one of the Most Beautiful Girls in side and out that exist in My life. And now as she Enters the next chapter of her life I know that she will continue to be just as Beautiful of a Women in future years to come. Regarding the details of this cake, I topped the cake with my Hand crafted Dark Pink Flowers (My Favorite Color!) and Balanced the contrast of the Cheetah Print and Dark Pink by adding another Tan Flower to settle the intensity of the pattern. This Cake also features one of my Newest Options known as the *Mini 2 Tiered Cake Option* with a 6" Top Tier and an 8" Bottom Tier. I loved the size of this cake and cannot wait to Welcome it.
Janine with  Her Cake! September 23rd 2011


This cake was created as a Baby Shower Cake for Emily Nylund and Her Sister, "Soon-To-Be" Mother of Baby Madison. I wanted to give this cake a Simple and Sweet look that represented everything that is beautiful in a little girls life. I used the technique of imprinting Stitch work along the leaves and flowers to give it a baby blanket feel as well. I am absolutely IN LOVE with these specific colors and love using the idea of contrast to pair them next to one another. I used my very handy Cricut Cake Cutter to cut out all of the flowers and leaves out of fondant and Handcrafted the larger Green flowers myself. This was the First cake that I have experimented different cake shapes such as the Round cake shape on the top tier and the Square cake shape on the bottom tier. As nervous as I was about this, It turned out to be absolutely adorable and Emily loved it! I was Very Happy with this one.
Thank you so SO very much to Melissa Bowman for the cake at the baby shower. Amanda and Dennis loved it and everyone there was absolutely amazed at how beautiful it was. She truly is very talented with her cakes and I wish her the best of luck with all of her others to come!!
-Emily Nylund (Sept. 19th, 2011)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This Wedding Cake, Gladly Came out soooo Beautiful and Exceeded My Expectations. It is My Ultimate *Favorite* Cake So Far and I was More than Happy to Create it for Such a Great Couple :) I met the Bride Crystal through an Old Elementary School Friend of Mine, Mackenzie Alvarez who had seen my cakes on Facebook. They Both Contacted me, We met and we worked together into creating a Stunning Design for this Cake. I Hand crafted Every Last Flower on this Cake over the Course of 3 Hours, Designed Each Tier with its own unique style and Gave the Cake an overall Classic Look with a Dark Ivory tone in the Fondant. To top it off the Cake had a Successful Delivery to San Diego, making me a nervous wreck the entire time! They were so Happy with the cake and I cannot wait to see the cake in their Wedding Pictures. Congratulations Roy & Crystal! I was more than Honored to be a part of your Special Day :)
I Want to Thank you So Much for making my Wedding Cake! !! It was more Beautiful than I could have Imagined, You helped make My Day Special, Thank you! 
-Crystal Alvarez (Sept. 5th, 2011)

Melissa, You did an Outstanding job on the cake. It was not only Beautiful and Elegant, it Tasted Amazing! Thank you so much for making the Wedding just that much More Special. You are Really Talented.  
-Carol Alvarez (Sept. 13th, 2011)


These cakes were done for the Hamilton Family and their Adorable Son Wyatt who was turning 1 on this Special Day. I met Mariya Hamilton through a Co-worker as well as through Facebook. She had requested an ADORABLE Pirate Themed Cake and I Immediately jumped to the opportunity. I used a lot of inspiration for the design of this cake through Google Images to see what most expect from a Pirate Ship Cake. Once I discovered some ideas, I went above and beyond the Pirate Theme. I was more than Excited for Them to see this cake and get to See Pictures of little Wyatt Digging into his Baby Smash Cake :) I hand crafted All of the Wood on the Treasure Chest and Boat as well as Hand cut each part of the Skull and Cross Bones on Each Cake. This cake was so much fun to do, Thank You again Hamilton Family for allowing me to be part of Wyatts 1st Birthday!
Thank you so much for making Wyatt's first birthday party even more memorable with such an amazing cake! The cake was so wonderful that it was almost painful to cut into it, that is until you tasted it -delicious. Thank you again Melissa, I think it is safe to say, that you will be making Wyatt's birthday cakes for years to come.
-Mariya Hamilton (Sept. 4th, 2011)