Monday, June 25, 2012


This Fashion Inspired cake was created for My Own Best Friend of 19 Years, Kelly Elizabeth Murray in honor of her recent Bachelor of Arts Degree from UCSD! I Took her School colors, Navy Blue and Gold and put my own spin on them by Making Unique Ruffled Flowers, Gold Accents and Adding Her FAVORITE Color, Tiffany Blue to spice up the cake! What I LOVE the most was the Hand Painted and Hand Crafted [literally ever piece of it!] Gold Chandelier design that I created on the left side of the cake! I took fondant and pushed it through a Play Doe Press giving me small piped strips that I draped similar to a Necklace that I was wearing at the time to create a Gorgeous Design! Kelly absolutely LOVED it and I was so ridiculously Proud of myself for designing such a fun concept in my head and then bring it to Life! I love you so much Kelly, Congratulations! I was so happy to be able to Graduate once again Together <3

For Kelly Elizabeth Murray <3


After over 6 Hours of Hand Rolling Hundreds of Pearl Balls, and 2 Days Prior of Straight Baking for this cake, I am more than happy to Say that the Most Dramatic and Beautiful part was the Easiest! Yes, Of course I am talking about the Enlarged Gorgeous Flowers made from Silk, Organza and Matte fabrics. With a little creativity of folding & fluffing, I found a way to create Huge Elegant flowers that complimented the Antique essence of this particular wedding theme. As if I hadn't already fallen in love with these flowers already, the bride provided me with some gorgeous gaudy jewelry pieces to bedazzle the center of these flowers. I could not take enough pictures and was so ridiculously proud of myself with the ending result. Thank you again Monique for choosing me for your special & extremely beautiful day <3

Taken @ Bella Garden's Estates
In Murrieta, California


This is 3rd Cake Order that I have had the opportunity to create for Crystal Alvarez, only this time it was for her Own 25th Birthday! She had Requested, Crowns, Lots of Bling and Turquise Blue, and that is exactly what I gave her! To compliment her requests, I added an Adorable Black and White Striped Floppy flower and a fun Crazy Feather to give the cake Personality and Spunk <3 I also Hand rolled Small Black strips and BY HAND, looped it all into cursive lettering to show her name. She Loved the cake and I was more than happy to create Yet another Little Masterpiece for Crystal!

 Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese Filling <3


I had A TON of fun creating this cake! I have recently became Obsessed with Stripes and even more obsessed with pairing Stripes with unique patterns and crazy designs. This cake was done for family friends of Mine and my Husbands, The Puma Family, for their daughter Kaylee's happy awaited 21st Birthday! They literally let me roam free with the design of this cake, and I could not have been happier! I wanted the cake to Scream with the idea of being Young, Crazy, Wild & Free. I also wanted the cake to have a ton of Spunk and Highlight Kaylee's Fun personalty. With Leopard Print, Dramatic Black Ruffles, Purple, Pink, Exaggerated Stripes and Lots of Gold.....It was bursting with personality! I fell in love and I am more than happy to say, that so did Kaylee! Thank you guys so much again for allowing me to do her cake :)

Thank u Melissa Bowman for my beautiful 21st cake! u r amazing.
-Kaylee Puma [June 19th, 2012]

Saturday, June 23, 2012


This Huge Cake was created for another old Elementary School friend of mine, Cassie and her new Husband for their Gorgeous wedding day located at Lake Oak Meadows in the Temecula Wineries. While this cake represented a much more Traditional Wedding cake style than what I am used to, It turned out to be ridiculously beautiful and classy. What is even more unique is that My Business, Cake Obsessions is called Custom FONDANT Creations for a Reason. Rather than creating Buttercream Piping on this Cake, My mom and I hand rolled Fondant strips and swirled them on to the cake to resemble a piped look. And if you bump it, it stays beautiful and won't smudge! Also instead of using ribbon to Match Cassie's Clover green color, I chose to use fabric which looked So Beautiful in Person! Thank you so much again Cassie for choosing me to do your Dream Wedding Cake! 

 Taken @ Lake Oak Meadows
In the Temecula Wineries

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This Beautiful Cake was created for a friend of mine Amanda, who I have known since Elementary School! and I was more than honored to be able to be the one to create Her Special Wedding Cake on this day. Who would have thought! While this cake did not just symbolize Zach and Amanda's Love for one another, Amanda allowed me to Re-create the exact intricate and unique lace as the lace on her Own wedding dress. This may be some what of a challenge for Other Cake Artists, however luckily for me, Amanda and I have the SAME wedding dress, and I had mine right next to me during the creation of this cake! Thank you to the hours of dedication from my mom, Her and I cut out tons of Fondant flowers, pressed each one into lace molds, dusted them in an edible pearl shimmer/ glitter dust, Topped them with 3 dimensional Glitter Flakes, and lined each one with Hand rolled fondant piping. They looked absolutely stunning and we could not get over how much they looked identical to the Lace on the Dress! Such a Unique design and Cake! Thank you so much Mom for all of your help and Thank you so much again Amanda for allowing me to create your Wedding Cake!

For Zach & Amanda Schumaker <3


These Absolutely Adorable Cupcakes were some of the Funnest cupcakes to create! Lime Green and Aqua Blue are some of my favorite colors to pair together and I had to opportunity to go crazy with them for a Polka Dot theme! As Simple as they may look, The striped Pattern and larger circles took a ton of time to get just right and looked perfect after dusting them in an Edible Pearl Shimmer dust. I was so proud and could not wait to show Amanda my creation!


This Elegant and Royalty inspired cake was created for my Aunt, Karen Bowman for her Birthday on June 4th, 2012! I hand painted a 24 Karat Edible Gold design on the outside of the cake to give it a Unique Eye Catching look. In Honor of my Aunt Karen who deserves and craves only the Best Quality of things, I  then paired my gold design with a Deep Elegant Purple that symbolized Royalty and Hierarchical status in the Medieval and Renaissance Times. To match this theme, I created an Entirely Edible and embellished Gold Pearled Crown on the top of the cake for her! She absolutely LOVED it and could not thank me enough. I love you Aunt Karen, You are sooo incredibly Welcome :)

French Vanilla Cake w/ Sweet Vanilla Buttercream Filling <3


This adorable Victoria Secret Lingerie Box Cake was create for Leslie for her happily awaited Pink Bridal Shower on June 2nd 2012! I hand so much fun creating the Beautiful and of course EDIBLE Lacy Bridal lingerie piece along with duplicating the infamous Victoria secret box that all girls know and Love! I had quite the headache getting the large black bow to dry in time but eventually everything worked out :)

Thank you so much Melissa!!!! It was so awesome!!
 I knew right away when I walked in that it was made by you :)
-Leslie Helper [June 4th, 2012]

 Thank you again girlie! Such a pleasure to do business with you. 
Everyone loved it. It is truly an art what you do.... You're awesome!
-Julie Sponsel-Photography [June 4th, 2012]

Thursday, June 14, 2012


These Adorable Cupcakes were created out of the inspiration of an Old School Circus Theme with Deep Reds, Blues, touches of Yellow & Feathers! I was Blessed with some amazing Photo shots from All Colors Photography for these cupcakes and I absolutely love how they highlight and feature each individual detail!  I Incorporated handcrafted Ruffles, pearls, stripes and edible glitter to add such a unique Circus essence for This sweet little girl's birthday.  I fell in love with these cupcakes and it was so hard to see them go! 

Photography by All Colors Photography
Taking in San Marcos, Ca

 Melissa! Thank you so much for the beautiful cupcakes 
you made for my daughter's birthday party! Love love love them!! 
For sure it won't be the last time I order from you.
-Sirlei Pearson (June 15th, 2012)

Monday, June 4, 2012


This Cake so happens to be My Latest, Most Favorite Cake Yet that took a total of about 14 Hours to Hand Create and Design! It was made for one of my Best Friends, Krista LaRee Ahlgrim for her Going Away Party held on June 1st, 2012. After her long awaited Graduation from Cal State University San Marcos with her Bachelors Degree in Communications, she finally decided to pack up and begin the next chapter of her life in Colorado. As we said our goodbyes,  I could not think of a more perfect gift for my friend of 13 Years to begin her new life. I loved having the opportunity to dedicate 14 Hours to making her Smile and feel THAT MUCH more appreciated and special on this day. I used the technique of edible imagery printing on edible frosting paper to create the intricate pink and purple floral fabric pouring out of the suitcase and hand rolled the cream and bright purple fondant to perfection! I draped the "fabrics" to look ridiculously real and paired them with a shimmer dusted fondant pearl necklace and My Hand cut Vintage key painted in 24 Karat Edible Gold Powder & Vodka to achieve a metallic elegance. Everyone on at the Party, Fell in LOVE with My Cake design and went crazy over the details. It felt amazing to receive so much praise for my work and even more amazing to feel the biggest hug alive from Krista! I am so happy that you Loved it Krispy, Good Luck in Colorado, I love you!

Krista and I! 
13 Years and Counting <3

French Vanilla Cake w/ ButterFinger Chunk Filling


This super fun cake was created for some family friends of ours, Bob and Linda for their nephew Jacob's 6th birthday! Bob could not express how much Jacob LOVES Sharks and that the word obsession was only an understatement. Linda gave me complete freedom with the design of this cake so I pulled some fun detail ideas, such as the bitten surfboard, the enlarged lifesaver and a giant shark on top of the cake from my previous "Shark Attack" cake that I created last year. Aqua Blue, Grey, and Red are some of my favorite colors to coordinate with shark themes and they turned out so cute for this cake! My favorite part was my last minute decision to incorporate a striped pattern around the cake to add dimension and spunk. It MADE the cake, and Bob and Linda absolutely loved it! Thank you both so much again for contacting me for Jacob's Cake. It meant the world to me. 

Hi Melissa -  OMG I loved the cake you did and so did all the other guests.  I was so amazed how gorgeous it was and it matched perfectly with the party theme that we had.  And it was so moist and delicious.  My mouth is watering just remembering the taste...Once again thank you Melissa. Love, Bob and Linda
-Linda Gerry [June 5th, 2012]


These cupcakes were created for my Husband and I's close friends Dustin & Jessica Gerard for their Rehearsal Dinner on May 25th, 2012. With the use of their colors of Deep Red and Ivory Cream, I baked 25 Rich Red Velvet Cupcakes and paired them with my Homemade Classic Cream cheese frosting with Hershey bar chunks in the center of each cupcake! I cut out several ivory fondant flowers and pressed each on into my favorite lace mold. They were then dusted in an Edible pearl shimmer dust which gave the flowers texture and elegance. I Also cut red lace chunks and painted them with an edible gold shimmer paint that made them look stunning! Everyone at the Rehearsal dinner loved them, and for once, I got to enjoy them too! :)

Rich Red Velvet w/ Classic Cream Cheese Frosting & Hershey Bar Chunks in the Center


This Cake was specially created for a friend of mine, Mayte Avila for her niece Paola's 1st Holy Communion on May 27th, 2012. She sent me a ton of 1st communion cake pictures through her Pinterest album for inspiration and I fell in love with the Innocent Sweet Bliss that each cake represented. As a practicing Catholic-Christian myself, I understood how special and priceless this day was for a family. With Mayte's color choices of light pink, light purple and yellow, I found a way to make it as sweet as possible. The pillow top imprinted pattern, along with delicate bows, hand crafted laced rosary and edible pearls, was perfect for Paola. Mayte's request for an Angel on top also, sparked my inspiration and totally made the cake! I was so excited for them to see it and I was more than happy to learn how much they loved it!

EVERYONE loved it!!!! (don't be surprised if you get an email or two from people interested in your making a cake!!!!!) Everyone kept on asking who made it, and it was DELICIOUS!!!! and my now god-daughter loved it as well!!!!! A work of art, courtesy of Melissa Anne Bowman!!!  Red velvet and french vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling!!! THANK YOU!!!
-Mayte Avila [May 27th, 2012]


This cake was created for a Co-Worker of mine, Amanda Gilliland for her Boyfriend Dan's Birthday! Clearly his love for the Dodgers and the Steelers is an equal obsession and Amanda could not think of a more perfect cake theme for Him! I hand crafted the Dodgers hat and the Steelers helmet out of rice crispy treats and created each and every adorable detail that made each of them look so real! I also hand created the cursive logo for the Dodgers AND the Steelers with a tiny pizza cutter, fondant and some scissors! Amazing what you can do with a few tools, a picture of a logo and determination for perfection :) Amanda absolutely LOVED  the cake and could not even express in words how much Dan loved it as well. Thank you so much again for choosing me Amanda!

Fresh Strawberry Baked Cake (20 Strawberries) 
w/ Sweet Vanilla Buttercream Filling & Fresh Strawberry Chunks