Monday, July 25, 2011


Nothing says sweet like a Quilted Baby Blanket, a Big Fat Bow and Polka Dots! I wanted to explore my pattern ideas beyond the cake itself for this piece. The idea of making the actual cake plate into a design rather than on the cake was an uneasy concept at first. However with a little creativity, it turned out to be absolutely adorable and was the exact answer I was looking for to complete the design of this cake! I always have to keep in mind that there needs to be a specific balance with design. Using specific accents and patterns can make all the difference in the world when it comes to art. Even On a Crazy Topsy Turvey Cake with a large variety of colors, patterns, designs and props coming out of the cake, there is still a balance, similar attributes and ways that the creator connects each layer to the other. As simple as this cake is, it defiantly put my mind to the test! And when Matching Polka Dot Sneakers came to my mind to compliment my new plate design, I was ecstatic!
Hi Melissa, I wanted to Thank You so much for making such an amazing cake for my baby shower! It was such a big hit, everyone loved it!! I wish I would have remembered to ask you for some business cards from you so I could have put it next to your cake! Everyone wanted to know who made it!! Everyone absolutely loved your work! Thanks again, 
-Krystal Santamaria Lopez (July 26th, 2011)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


What I love about this cake, is the fact that it fell into my hands and I made it my own. What I mean by this, is that it was formulated from a story of mine. As I have mentioned I am also a Server at The Lazy Dog Cafe in Temecula, California. I had come up to greet one of my tables on the patio one day and they were looking at an Adorable picture of a Baby Shower cake and discussing who could make it for them. My eyes lit up and I immediately expressed my ability to duplicate their specific cake as well as put my own touch to it. They were thrilled and I was given another opportunity to practice, create and prove myself to those other than Friends and Family. I individually cut out each of piece of the Paisley pattern on the Bottom tier, Hand crafted the Adorable Blue Bow, Added My Little Brown Sneakers to the Top of the Cake and Bedazzled it with Lots of Glitter and Edible Pearls all over the cake. They loved it on Delivery Day and I was more than proud to present them with the cake.
Fresh Carrot Cake [Bottom] & Red Velvet Cake [Top]  w/Sweet Butter Cream Filling


This cake was made for Mine and My Husband's 2 Year Wedding Anniversary! It is filled with My Banana Cream Cake with Chocolate Chips and Creamy Peanut Butter Filling. Let's just say My Husband could not stop eating it! Out of all of the cake designs in the world I decided to stick to a simple cake that is masculine but accented with a feminine touch, something most Men cannot live without :) And to be truthful I also decided to stick with a simple design due to the 3 other cake orders I had scheduled for that week as well! The flower on top was so easy to make, turned out adorable and My favorite part!


This Cake was done for a Former Co-worker of mine and the best part, was that She LOVED It! I used a new edible painting technique with Gel Dye and a Secret Ingredient of mine ;) to give the cake a more Rustic look. I gave the base of the Cake a Cement look and engraved the Cement Lines to make it more realistic. The Brick work on this cake was a last minute decision and gave it the Exact look I was trying to go for! Aside from the Adorable Hand Crafted Fire Hydrant and my Rolled Up Fire Hose, My favorite were the little Silver Bolts that my Mother and I placed on the Fire hydrant! They were so tiny and yet practically transformed the look of the cake. Yet another Successful Creation and Something to be proud of .
Red Velvet Cake w/ Sweet Butter Cream Filling

Saturday, July 9, 2011


This cake was done for an old High School friend of mine Katelyn Brenier and her Sweet Little Girl, Aly Mackenzie's 1st Birthday. Interesting enough, Katelyn and her Husband Jason also have a 3 year Old Little Boy, Jase who was lucky enough to have a little sister born on the exact same day as him only 2 years later! If anything this Cake was a great way to celebrate Aly's first year in this world and to show how special she is, regardless of her shared birthday! Thank You Again Jason and Katelyn for allowing me to be apart of your Little Girl's Special day and Happy 1st Birthday Aly!
French Vanilla Cake w/ Sweet Buttercream Filling


This particular cake was a last minute order that I could absolutely not pass up! I had recently already created a Los Angeles Laker's cake, however this time I had the opportunity to expand on my ideas for this type of theme. A huge gold cake came to my mind, with a large glittery purple bow to compliment the idea of a "Birthday Cake". And of course, ever since I taught myself how to make those ADORABLE little sneakers, I have been trying to find every reason to be able create them on yet another cake! The Basketball is made entirely out of My Triple Chocolate Cake, Iced with my Sweet Buttercream Filling and covered in Fondant. The colors of this cake were so Bright and So fun to work with. I could not Thank My Mom enough for coming over to my house and cutting out over 60 Letters for me for all of the Lettering on this cake. I Love You Mom :) and I KNOW you love me for doing all of that.
French Vanilla & Triple Chocolate Cake w/ Sweet Buttercream Icing

Sunday, July 3, 2011


This Cake Turned out to be So Adorable and even more Precious than I had expected it too! This Cake was made for some family friends of ours, The Slater's and their soon to be Little Grand-Baby! They have been a part of my Parents lives for a long time and I was ridiculously motivated to make them a cake as special as they are. My pride and bragging rights of this cake are all directed at the shoes! I recently just taught myself how to make them and it was my FIRST time attempting them. They were so sweet and made it clear that this cake was for a little boy who just might leave his little shoes untied the majority of his childhood. Thank You again Anne Slater for allowing me to create such a fun cake and Congratulations again Rob and Ann on Your Soon To Be Little Guy :)
Classic Lemon Cake w/ Raspberry & Cream Filling