Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This little cake was a specially designed cake that my husband and I used to announce the gender of our baby to our family! I wanted to keep the cake gender neutral without making it yellow or something too babyish. If anything, I have done nothing but the opposite of your typical baby colors when it came to designing our baby boy's nursery. So when it came to the cake, I loved using black and white as the perfect un-guessable gender cake! I used my amazing cricut cake machine for the lettering. I cut black stripes and rolled them evenly into white fondant to create the base of my fondant flowers. I then pressed lace molds into pink and green fondant to create some fun chunky flower centers and to give the cake a ton of personality. When we cut into the cake, It was bright lime green on the inside and we were more than happy to announce that it was a boy! We even made a video out of the event and created one of the best memories for our family. This is a great idea for all of my fellow prego ladies!