Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The stunning ivory lace decor on this cake may look simple, but surprisingly it took my mom and I about 17 hours to carefully handcraft and place onto the cake! With accented edible pearls, the entire cake dusted in a glitter shimmer dust and what felt like a million pieces of lace and connecting strips, the cake turned out to be just as beautiful as we had hoped it to be! We wanted someone to be able to look up close to the cake and literally not be able to tell if the lace was real or edible! Along side the wedding cake, I also created a crazy fun baseball themed grooms cake that represented the grooms college as well as the bride and groom on top of the cake! The bride and groom were entirely hand crafted myself as well as all of the other details of the cake! AND I loved the grass field cake stand that the bride had provided for the grooms cake. It made everything THAT MUCH more fun.

@ The Shady Canyon Golf Club
Irvine, Ca