Monday, October 29, 2012


Out of all of my Wedding Cakes, this cake was defiantly the most unique and non traditional cake that I have done! It exceeds all expectations of the typical white wedding cake and allows other brides to brainstorm and venture their own unique designs as well. I loved Michelle's take on a sparkling cake so I made the cake practically explode with hundreds of hand rolled edible shimmer dusted pearls that cascaded down the cake making quite a bold statement! To top it off I added several rhinestones throughout the cake design to give it some bling. The grooms cake, [forgot to get a picture of it!] was a 2 tiered cake made entirely of unwrapped ding dongs that the groom insisted on having. Haha, It was a ton of fun to do and super unique as well!

@ The Golf Club of California
Fallbrook, California

The cakes were amazing! The ding dong cake was such a hit! 
Everyone was taking pictures of it.
- Michelle Larson [October 27th, 2012]